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What We Do
CCME provides its clients with strategic expertise and solutions that make a meaningful difference in how providers deliver care and how patients receive care.

Since the 1980s, CCME has partnered with health care entities and consumers to create healthier communities. Through our work in quality improvement initiatives, Medicaid review and cost-reduction, data analytics, and consulting and education services, CCME serves health care providers, networks, and payers – in both public and private sectors – to facilitate better health outcomes at lower costs.

We provide evidence-based solutions and continuously strive to improve care and reduce costs through:

  • Quality Improvement
    From July 2014 through July 2019, CCME was a member of the the Atlantic Quality Innovation Network (AQIN). As the South Carolina QIO, we focused on improving the quality, effectiveness, efficiency, and economy of health care services provided to people with Medicare. More information »
  • Review and Program Integrity
    CCME has saved state Medicaid programs millions of dollars by avoiding poor outcomes and preventing fraud and abuse. We conduct utilization management and compliance reviews and provide data-driven solutions that help control expenditures while ensuring that patients receive appropriate and timely care. More information »

As an independent 501(3)(c) nonprofit organization, we can offer exceptional value and return on your investment for the services we provide.