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About Us
CCME is a nonprofit recognized as a leader in improving health care quality.

Founded by physicians as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in North Carolina in 1983, The Carolinas Center for Medical Excellence (CCME) is recognized as a leader in improving health care quality, by providing innovative services and solutions to create healthier communities.

CCME achieves this by implementing best-practices and proven solutions to improve population health, reviewing the financial integrity of health systems, and ensuring private practices and networks of providers have access to the latest technology and data-driven analytics.

With over 30 years of quality improvement experience, CCME also provides innovative, cost-effective clinical review services. We assist state Medicaid departments, hospitals, accountable care organizations, and providers of all types manage their data and claims to benefit patients, providers, and payers, simultaneously.

Since 1984, CCME has performed utilization review and quality improvement activities as a CMS-designated Quality Improvement Organization (QIO)—and with the evolution of the system into Quality Innovation Networks—as a Quality Innovation Network-Quality Improvement Organization (QIN-QIO).

As part of the Health Quality Innovation Network (HQIN), CCME is the QIO for South Carolina. Under the 5-year quality improvement contract, we provide quality improvement expertise to Medicare providers and support  better outcomes for Medicare Beneficiaries living in rural, underserved communities. The HQIN region serves, VA, KS, MO and SC. www.hqin.org.

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